The Metallic Eyeliner

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A fine brush and metallic pigments for head-turning eyes all day long.

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Théophile LeClerc’s liquid eyeliner is the ideal pen for drawing a highly precise line to give your eyes depth. It doesn’t migrate and it gives you slip-up-free results that last, for beautiful eyes. The iridescent finish enhances your natural eye colour.

In the Formula

Its water-based, waterproof formula is exceptionally long-lasting.


Before applying, wipe the eyeliner’s brush tip on the back of your hand to control how much colour you add. For a natural look, apply eyeliner along the lash line while stretching the skin of your eyelids upwards. For a more sophisticated finish, deposit small dabs of eyeliner on the outer corner of the eye and blend with a Wet & Dry eyeshadow in a similar shade. To keep your line as straight as possible, gently pull the outer corner of your eyelid towards your temple as you apply the product.


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