About us

In 1881, renowned pharmacist, Théophile LeClerc, opened his pharmcy in the prestigious heart of Paris, near Place de la Madeleine. Born into a family of painters and artists, he also became a lover of art and beauty, using the basement of his pharmacy to create his various preparations. It was in this way that he created a rice powder of exceptional lightness and finesse: the T.LeClerc powder was born. 

This powder was an immediate hit with the elegant women of Paris in the Belle Epoque, speaking its praise. 

The T.LeClerc brand now offers 30 powder shades. Many make-up professionals, actresses and top models use this rice powder with its perfect hold, extreme finesse and true matifying capacity. It is crossing borders with its growing success. T.LeClerc products are now available worldwide, from Europe to Asia and America. 

The T.LeClerc spirit and tradition live on through its legendary retro vintage silver powder box.