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An essential primer for flawless make-up that lasts all day.

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Using Théophile LeClerc’s primer is key to achieving ideal, long-lasting make-up. Suitable for all skin types, this primer controls shine and smooths the complexion. It is easy to apply, delivering a very natural silky matte finish. Its fresh, comfortable texture refines skin texture. Now that your complexion in smoother, it’s ready to receive make-up for the natural or more sophisticated look you want.

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T.LeClerc’s silicone-free primer has a unique, water-rich texture. It gains its properties from botanical extracts such as rice bran and castor oil. Skin is smoother. The texture facilitates make-up application and makes it last longer.


Apply Théophile LeClerc primer after your day cream, before make-up. You can apply it to your whole face with your fingers or with T.LeClerc’s S1 brush. Make-up will be easier to apply, longer lasting, and more beautiful. Avoid contact with eyes.


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30 ml

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