Powder Blush

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The powdery shade that gives your cheekbones dimension and structure to illuminate your face. It gives your make-up the perfect finishing touch!

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Théophile LeClerc’s blush is a veil of powder that subtly emphasises the structure of your face. As the final step in your make-up routine, it gives you an instant radiance boost with subtle colour. The fine, soft texture lets you dust it on lightly with no caking, and it lasts all day or all night.

In the Formula

Cornstarch is the secret behind this exceptionally fine blush and is responsible for its natural absorption properties. It lastingly enhances your cheekbones.


The best way to apply T.LeClerc’s blush is with T.LeClerc’s PIN2 slanted brush. Tip: smile like you’re about to have your picture taken. This will make it easier to apply the blush correctly. You can use the blush in a number of ways to achieve different effects: For a fresh, dewy complexion, apply a pinkish shade to the centre of your cheekbones and blend outwards. For a healthy glow, choose a warmer shade and brush it from the temples toward the front of the face.


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