Eyeliner Pen

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Une mine fine pour un trait précis et un résultat intense.

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Théophile LeClerc’s felt-tip eyeliner is the perfect way to achieve a high-precision line with no slip-ups. The tip gives your eyes incomparable depth with a high-precision line. The extreme hold ensures you can easily get a clean, ultra-precise line with no slip-ups. Carbon black produces an ultra-black, deeply intense colour for flawless doe eyes.

In the Formula

The formula ensures the eyeliner goes on evenly and gently.


Before applying, wipe the eyeliner’s brush tip on the back of your hand to control how much colour you add. For a natural look, apply eyeliner along the lash line while stretching the skin of your eyelids upwards. For a more sophisticated finish, deposit small dabs of eyeliner on the outer corner of the eye and blend with a Wet & Dry eyeshadow in a similar shade. To keep your line as straight as possible, gently pull the outer corner of your eyelid towards your temple as you apply the product.


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