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A highly precise, long-wear lip contour pencil designed to coordinate with your lipstick for a perfect pout.

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Théophile LeClerc’s lip pencil keeps your lipstick in place longer. Using a lip pencil is the key to getting a perfect lip contour with no feathering. It precisely follows the outline of your lips and adds dimension. T.LeClerc’s lip contour pencil is easy to apply and will quickly become your favourite way to enhance your smile.

In the Formula

Our lip contour pencils are designed to prevent lipstick and lip gloss from bleeding. The cotton seed oil-enriched formula ensures they glide on comfortably.


Apply the lip pencil to your lip contour, preferably working from the corners of your mouth inwards to the Cupid’s bow. Soften the line by applying pencil on the lips themselves, working towards the centre. Pro tip: to make sure your lipstick or lip gloss lasts as long as possible, apply the pencil to the entire lips before applying lipstick. For impeccable hygiene, use T.LeClerc’s pro double pencil sharpener before each use.


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