Satin Lipstick

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Intense colour in a soft, comfortable texture. A satin finish to suit any context.

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Théophile LeClerc’s satin-finish lipstick combines beauty with comfort for intensely coloured lips that stay soft. From the first coat, this true satin-finish lipstick reveals your beauty. In creamy, attractive colours ranging from shy peach to vibrant red, not to mention the fabulous Rouge Royal, this ever-seductive lipstick is a pure delight for a divine, perfectly painted pout.

In the Formula

The secret ingredient that gives the satin-finish formula its comforting, hydrating, conditioning properties is a derivative of hyaluronic acid.


You can apply Théophile LeClerc’s satin-finish lipstick as the final touch for your make-up look, as an elegant touch-up in the middle of a crowd, or any other way you want. At home, apply it with T.LeClerc’s PIN11 brush to perfect the shape of your lips. Ideally, use a lip contour pencil to define the shape more easily. A professional make-up artist tip: lightly powder your lips with T.LeClerc loose powder before applying.


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