Lenghtening Mascara

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Long, dense lashes for wider, brighter eyes.

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Théophile LeClerc’s lengthening mascara deploys lashes and widens eyes instantly. The creamy texture intensifies and brightens the eyes, which look immediately deeper and more intense. The fine, expansive brush is shaped like a pine tree to grab even the shortest lashes and draw them outwards with high precision. Brushed and disciplined from roots to tips thanks to an exclusive formula, lashes reveal their natural beauty.

In the Formula

Enriched with carnauba wax, the formula adheres strongly to lashes and increases density from the first coat. Candelilla wax makes the formula last longer and speeds up drying.


For best results, brush the mascara on from the roots of your lashes to the tips. For an extra-dense effect, apply two or three coats. Tip: if you dust T.LeClerc Dermophile powder on your face before applying mascara, your lashes will look thicker.


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